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About us.

An integrated legal company seeks to provide services to our clients, fulfill their requirements and defend their rights according to the best local and international standards by a set of required and varied experiences. World Center Advocates & Legal Consultants employs a group of the best barristers before the courts of the State of all degrees and competencies and a group of the best consultants of law in every branch of the law as we are pleasure to have worked in a set of major submitted local and international cases. This is the reason why the World Center Advocates & Legal Consultants is one of the leading offices…

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CEO - Advocate - Private Notary Public

Mr. Wageh Amin Abdelaziz

Partner- Senior Legal Advisor


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Toughest Defense Lawyers with Best Results

Criminal Cases

We have a group of advocates who are specialized in the science and art of oral and written pleadings in various criminal cases- The center worked in many local and international criminal cases.

Interpol Cases

Our teamwork is skilled in the Interpol Cases, development and maintenance of mutual cooperation widely with all the authorities of penal police in the light of laws applicable across different countries.

Civil Suits

We are specialized in civil suits of all kind and jurisdictions of case-value and case-matter.

Corporate & Commercial Law

We are specialized in commercial lawsuits whatsoever its value or matter and registration of trademarks and intellectual property rights.

Property Disputes

We are skilled in providing the services of property lawsuits widely, defending and protecting you property when dealing with real estate sector.


We are specialized in commercial arbitration lawsuits of all forms and kinds, confirmation and execution of awards inside and outside the state.

Labor Law & Labor Disputes

We are seeking to provide the employers and employee with legal advice in order to properly deal with their related rights and duties under the laws applicable in the state.

Personal Status & Family Law

We provide services to represent parties before personal status courts of all degrees and kinds inside the state.

Corporation Establishment

If you are looking for establishment and registration of and/ or a branch inside the state or free zones, our legal advisors help you in executing the constitutional documents in favor of the principals.

Rental Disputes Settlement Centers

We provide services to represent companies and individuals before rental disputes settlement committees all over the emirates inside the state.

Private Notary Public Services

We provide signature authentication services for the parties to the transaction as well as corporate memoranda of association and annexes, sale of malls, work for servants, loan agreements, special and public powers of attorney, declarations and date evidence of customary documents.

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Consultant and Partner

It is important for clients to ensure that they deal with consultants and partners who are permanently present and not temporary, and that is the hallmark of World Center Law Firm and Legal Consultancy.

Distinct and Transparent Advice

We at World Center Law Firm and Legal Consultancy care about the client and provide him with the best solutions for his advice and his case with honesty, transparency and legal basis, which meets the needs of the client in a clear and simple way.

A unique and integrated team

The most important pillars of the law office is the legally qualified work team which has expertise in all fields, legal aspects and regulations of the judiciary.

Loyalty and work process

The old traditional are no longer attractive to customers and follow up on the big works, but to communicate with them constantly, where we discuss with them all the issues and the desired results and work together for the benefit of the customer with the best picture possible and the highest quality and dedication to work