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EXCLUSIVE – ‘We’ve been branded rapists with no evidence whatsoever’: Two men cleared of sex attack on married British woman in Dubai reveal their relief as case collapses and they are free to fly home

  • David Butlin and Louis Harris were accused of raping British woman in Dubai
  • The woman, 25, claimed the pair attacked her in hotel room on October 22
  • But when she reported it to police she was arrested for extramarital sex 
  • Cousins Mr Butlin, 22, and Mr Harris, 24, had their passports confiscated
  • But this week the case was dismissed and all three are free to fly home
  • Prosecutors dismissed case after watching phone footage of alleged rape
  • Both men ‘over the moon’ and told MailOnline of relief after being cleared

Two men accused of raping a married British holidaymaker in Dubai have told of their relief after the case against them was dropped.

Louis Harris and David Butlin are ‘over the moon’ after being freed to fly home to the UK after prosecutors said they had not committed any sex crime.

In their first interview since being cleared of gang rape the men said they had been through a ‘roller coaster’ of emotions that has left them shattered.

Speaking exclusively to MailOnline, former footballer Harris, 24, said: ‘We have been branded gang rapists with no evidence whatsoever. 

‘We can’t change what happened but people’s lives are being ruined because of this.’

On legal advice they are not permitted to talk about their accuser, but Harris added: ‘We would not want any woman to be arrested and put in prison. Nobody should go through what we’ve been through.’ 

Freed: Harris, left, and Butlin, right, told of their nightmare as they were accused of being rapists without any evidence against them. The woman denied she consented to a threesome
Free to fly home: Harris, left, and Butlin, right, were accused of raping a British woman in a hotel room in Dubai last month. The worried pair told of their relief after prosecutors studied mobile phone footage of the alleged rape and dropped the case against the two men

The men said they had to remain strong for the sake of their families following the allegations from their 25-year-old accuser that the Dubai authorities found to be false.

The IT consultant waived her right to anonymity with one national newspaper after making the rape allegation and being arrested on charges of extra-marital sex. 

She has given several interviews to that newspaper and it appeared she had allowed herself to be photographed after an online campaign was launched by her parents to raise £30,000 for lawyers fees.

Prosecutors in Dubai dropped the case against the pair after they said they had looked at a mobile phone video taken by one of the men which showed the sex was consensual.

The Dubai Public Prosecutors office said examination of the mobile phone video ‘showed the act happened with the consent of the three parties in question’.

The woman, who is separated from her husband of two years, had stopped in the United Arab Emirates on her way to Australia where she was hoping to start a new life.

She had claimed that the pair raped her in the popular £160-a-night Ramada Plaza Jumeirah Beach Resort on October 22nd.  

All three had their passports confiscated by police and were prevented from leaving the country as an investigation into the incident was carried out. 

The decision by prosecutors not to proceed, and drop the extra marital sex charges against the woman, means all can return to the UK.

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