Our Practice Areas



the practical actions have proven that arbitration and settling conflicts in alternative methods have proven more effeciancy whether cost wise or or for the raise the traditional judicial proceedings.

Criminal Cases

we provide all aspects of criminal defence, for our goal is to aid you in hard times through understanding your needs, and to exchange legal intrest in the commercial areas of every legal representative.

Interpol Cases

our team have the experience in international and raising the collaborative work on the largest scale in all penal authoroties within the frame of standing laws in each country.

Corporate & Commercial Law

We specialize in merging companies operations, and possession and capital markets, and firm structures, commercial law, and advices about judgments and deals.


We seek to provide consultancy to work owners and employees to deal with them accordingly to their rights and responsibilities according to the standing laws within the country.

Real Estate and Property Disputes

We specialize in providing services on the largest scale to protect and defend your properties when dealing with the real estate market whether on the personal level or the business usage.

Private Notary Services

we provide ratification services over signatures to the parties of the agreement, and also the contracts of founding companies and its appendix, and selling market places, and to work servants, and loan contracts, private and public agencies nd declarations, and demonstrate history of the Editors customary.

Companies Establishment

If you are looking for an establishment, a limited responsibility, limited or public partnership, our legal consultants will phrase the legal declarations for the benefit of the clients.


We offer to solve paternity disputes and the protection of assets, divorce, custody, subject to international treaties and conventions services before and after the marriage, and the right to see the child and marital property.